Summer Drive-By Compassion Outreach!


How YOU can help!


Donate Supplies
See our list of items below. We do ask that all donations are miniature sizes so that we can fit it all into gallon Ziploc® bags. Dollar stores, drugstores, and discount stores are good resources for these items. Some items can be assembled from things you already have, such as baseball caps and umbrellas and unopened cereal/granola bars.


We will be needing donations of:

  • Cereal/Granola bars

  • Umbrellas (Compact)

  • Soap / Shampoo

  • Sunscreen / Chapstic

  • Water bottles

Donate Time
Let us know if you would like to help assemble the packages. Shopping. If you see a good deal on anything from the supply list below, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Of course, you’re welcome to print our supply list and make your own packages! We are all called to serve and love our community, don’t forget that YOU are the church! If you feel led to make your own packages to bless our city - PLEASE DO IT!

*Be sure that any food items you may pack are non-perishable/dry good items.

Older kids can help assemble packages. Kids of all ages can help by making cards, drawing pictures, or writing poems or stories to tuck into the packages.

*Extra Care Package Items

  • Pocket Bible

  • Floss or Flossers

  • Razor

  • Comb

  • Food Items: Crackers, Trail mix, Sunflower seeds etc..

  • Many homeless people have animals dependent on them, so a baggie of pet food or treats would be appreciated.

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