Weekend services at Central City Church are all about Jesus. Whether through worship, giving, or the message, we want to make Him famous and know Him better. When believers gather in one place, with one heart and one vision, something special happens. Hearts are healed. Hope is restored. Faith grows. And relationships are forged that stand the test of time.


These groups are a great way to meet people, make friends, get closer to God, and find real answers for life questions.


Growth is a natural result of a relationship with God. As we grow closer to Him, we are changed into His image. That's the only way to achieve real, lasting change. It's a process that continues throughout our lives as we grow in faith, love, maturity and knowledge.


Sunday Gathering

at 11 AM

Find us: 

1526 W Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015

Main Auditorium, follow the signs.